p1 Welcome to Dentistry Opinions.

The opinions expressed here are just that - my personal opinions - the result of a third of a century of experience in general dental practice. If a single person anywhere in the world is able to keep their teeth for life as a result of reading these opinions, then Dentistry Opinions has served its purpose.

Dentistry Opinions does not sell any products. It does not promote its author or the author's dental practice. It is purely the result of years of frustration in watching healthy and otherwise successful people lose their teeth when they did not need to. But professional experts everywhere are obliged to preserve a litigation-free status so that the only advice to be given is that which has been repeated for years and years (and is therefore defensible advice) but which, in fact, may be sometimes hopelessly out-of-date.

 Do not despair if you have already lost some or even nearly all of your own teeth. The advice and knowledge you can read here can enable you to keep the rest, improve their appearance and your confidence.





 Your very own teeth: Clean teeth: Gorgeous teeth forever: Pleasing natural healthy teeth: Confident smile: Style, grace and charm of great teeth and gums throughout life for £20/$30 per year,

or, perhaps, for nothing at all.
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page2  Tooth loss - cost - disadvantages - replacements
page3  Myths about tooth loss and mouth care - starting to think about it all
page4  More thinking - the beginning of the road towards saving your teeth
page5  What's really happening in the mouth - what to look for - you a bit in charge at last
page6  Building that golden knowledge towards teeth for life
page7  All you've got to do - well, the way to start - it does work
page8  How teeth decay in an understandable way
page9 How teeth decay, cont. - how to avoid the problems
page10  All the dangerous things - how get away with it - what I do 
page11  Toothbrushes - how it works - brush design  
page12  Which toothbrush? - Would your toothbrush make it to the museum?
page13  Alternatives to toothbrushes 
page14  Arrangement of teeth - too old to have them altered? Can you lose a tooth or two?
page15  Trusting your dentist
page16  Perfection of brushing skills
page17 Understanding the needs of our bodies - development of a healthy sustainable diet
page18 Toothpaste or sootpaste
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 The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

 Wild birds are totally natural, unaffected by the science of man. Dentistry Opinions will show you how your teeth can reach that same natural state.

The techniques explained in Dentistry Opinions, if followed carefully, do work. It will cost you very little, if anything, to try them out. The advice might even save you thousands and thousands of pounds/dollars. What it will do is make you much more knowledgeable about your mouth and teeth and how everything works in there.