p19 Finally.

If your gums have already have that healthy stippling and you never brush across the teeth horizontally, I've got nothing for you except this - show other people how good your mouth looks - smile and laugh in public as often as you can.

Show young people especially how you achieve it - if it's different from my method, I don't know how you do it.

But that doesn't matter - your success does: help other people gain the most easily-obtained healthy tissues for life. You will be better placed than me to speak to your friends, neighbours, family and colleagues in your own language or dialect with all its own delightful idiosyncrasies.

I live in Scotland, a tiny country of 5 million people with a history going back more than 5000 years with 5 different native languages or dialects and 5000 different accents. I can speak about a 1/5 of them all and understand completely another 1/5 of them - each of you must have the same complex mixture of peoples and languages. Translate your mouth-care teachings into every different tongue - preserve your cultures and identities.

Because there's one thing you can all try to do.

Keep your natural teeth for life.

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